Unity in the Community of SW PA

Vision Statement:

  • To help create and nurture more unity , and equity in our nation.

Mission Statement:

  • To bring together more diverse stakeholder to share responsibilities in our community with all people in Southwestern Pennsylvania.


  • We value fair and equal treatment.

  • To have a multicultural diversity within. We value quality of life.

  • We believe in Diversity.

  • We value our culture.

  • We value our History.

  • To Have Black History needs to be taught as a curriculum throughout the school year including black inventions .

  • We share our knowledge, our experiences and skills around anti-racism and work with others.

  • To have positive impact, accountability, inclusiveness, build power, Strength, ethical awareness, encouragement, and promoting faith through action.

  • We believe that prejudice and discrimination direct toward anyone is wrong and must be opposed.

  • Respect: we work with and for others

  • Integrity: we do the right thing

  • Excellence: we never stop improving

we can not pretend to live our country values while racism persists. its our duty as citizens to address and stand in Gap. stand up for social justice, promoting peace, justice, unity, freedom, civil rights and dignity for all. to transform by equipping people to break the cycle of individual, systematic, institutional racism. to build financial investments. to build each other up and have the same opportunities ( to be homeowners, business owners, mentorship,).

we can not stand at a distance and point our fingers at our nation's ill but instead to accept a personal responsibility to try to make a difference. we must transform our society and work together in unity to demand change.make sure to prioritize the needs of the people. be strong and courageous and do the work.

Unity of the Community of SW Pa

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